Product FAQ

Is this a web based service?

Maptive is 100% online. This means anytime/anywhere access, no software to download or install, and no long waits for new features or bug fixes.

How many locations can I map?

Maptive Plus can map up to 100,000 locations per map. Note that map performance visibly declines after 75,000 addresses, depending on the accompanying data included. Maptive Free can map up to 250 locations in a 24 hour period and up to 2,500 total locations per map.

How many maps are included and what are 'reusable' maps?

Both Maptive Free and Maptive Plus come with 5 'reusable' or recyclable maps. When you are done with a map, you can simply write over the old data with new data and create a new map. Each map has its own unique URL and can be managed, updated, and published independently.

If you need additional maps, please contact us for more information and pricing.

Do you have a feature list?

Please see our product page or pricing page for the most recent list of features included with Maptive Free and Maptive Plus.

Are these Google based maps?

Yes! We’ve built our software on top of Google’s mapping platform in order to give our users the benefit of Google's global coverage, mapping accuracy, and many well loved features such as street view and powerful searching.

What countries can I map in?

We're mapping in over 210 countries! Maptive is powered by Google's enterprise level mapping technology so our customers can expect global coverage, world class tools, and unmatched performance. Refer to Google's country list for a complete list of countries and coverage types.

Can I group or filter my data?

Look for the 'Group By' selector in your map settings area. Select any of your data columns and Maptive will assign unique marker colors to each location type. In addition, Maptive will create a map legend with clickable location types that allow you to see only what you need?  Maptive's filtering will allow you to isolate and then view only the locations (and accompanying data) that is most helpful to you.

Do you have a spreadsheet template to help with formatting?

Yes! Our spreadsheet template also shows you how to link to an image or a website.

Are my maps private?

All maps are private by default and can only be seen if you choose to share the link to them.

Is my data secure?

We take security and privacy seriously:

  • We don't share customer data with anyone, whatsoever.
  • If you have a support request that might be helped by us accessing your map or data, we'll first ask for you permission and password before proceeding
  • We are licensed with Google's enterprise level mapping services. All data that is geocoded through Google is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • Our website and customer data is hosted with RackSpace - consistently ranked in the top 5 hosting providers worldwide. You might also read RackSpace's response to the recent events involving NSA's PRISM program.

Do you have a built in spreadsheet editing tool?

Yes! Edit, add, delete, or append (using the 'Append to Existind Data' button) data quickly while reducing or eliminating the need to move back and forth from your spreadsheet to Maptive.

Can I update my map automatically? Do you have an API?

Yes,  contact us for more about this. 

What markers are available?

Seventeen custom map markers (in sets of 25) are available on your map admin page in addition to Google’s map marker set.

You can also upload your own custom group markers with Maptive Plus.

Can I host Maptive on my own servers?

Maptive is entirely web-based. We don't offer a self-hosted version of the product.

How accurate are your maps?

We are licensed with Google to ensure our customers get the best combination of location accuracy, global coverage in over 210 countries and mapping technologies available.

Does Maptive work on mobile devices?

Yes, Maptive works on mobile devices such as touch screen tablets and smart phones.

What new features are coming?

Several new features are slated for development or under review for late 2014. These include drawing tools, heat maps, demographics layer (U.S.A), and additional marker options (selectable colors and labeling with symbols/letters/numerals).

What are the differences between Maptive and Batchgeo?

Maptive Plus and Batchgeo Pro are sister products and companies. Maptive Plus mainly differs in that it is focused on larger datasets and analytics. Here are some key differences with Maptive Plus (as of April 4, 2013):

  • Plot up to 100,000 locations per map
  • Group by up to 200 locations
  • Filtering Tool
  • Multi-Point driving directions
  • Snapshots feature for saving versions of a map for presentations or easy reference later
  • Inline spreadsheet editing tools
  • Multiple marker selections
  • Assign custom markers to grouped locations

What are the differences between Maptive and MapPoint?

Here are some key differences between Maptive and MapPoint:

  • Maptive is a 100% online. This means anytime/anywhere access and no software to download or install.
  • Maptive is powered by Google's enterprise mapping technology, which means global coverage in over 214 countries and world class mapping tools that most people are already familiar with.
  • Maptive is designed to be simple to use and share with others. Paste a spreadsheet into Maptive and start seeing your data on a map seconds later.

Can I link to another website from my map markers?

You can link to other websites from your map markers by including a website column and URLs for each of your locations. Check our spreadsheet template to see how this is done.

Do your maps include a map legend or key?

Yes! Maptive can generate a map legend simply by selecting which data columns you would like to see categorized or grouped. Maptive will assign unique marker colors to each location type. Map users can then click the product names in the legend area to selectively view them on the map or choose to see them all at once.

How many people can view my published map? What are the 'map view' limits?

Maptive doesn’t currently have any map view limits however this could be subject to change if Google ever changes licensing terms that effect these limits.

Can I password protect my maps?

Yes! Maptive Plus allows you to password protect individual maps. Map visitors must enter the password you specify in order to view and interact with your map.

How can I permanently delete my data and maps?

It's easy. All you need to do is delete the map associated with the data you wish to discard and it will be deleted permanently from our data base.

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