Customizing Your Marker Popup Bubbles

How to customize your marker popup bubbles:

There are a number of ways to access the window that allows you to customize your marker info popup bubbles:

Option 1: You can access the window when you're creating your first map. After you create your Maptive account and click the activation link in your email, you will be invited to start building your first map. After you upload your location data, you will be prompted to match your data columns to its category. This is an essential step in successfully building your map. It is at this point that you will also be invited to set up the info popup on your map.

Option 2: After your have built your map, you can access this same window again by clicking on the Data tab and selecting the option to match up match location data again:

Option 3: You can also access the window to customize your marker info popup bubbles by clicking on a marker on your map and selecting the "match up data" option. 

Understanding Your Marker Info Popup Bubbles


+ Location Name/Title: The name you'd like to display on each of your locations. 
+ Location Description: Any additional details you'd like to associate and display with each of your locations.
+ Website URL Column: The associated URL for each of your locations.
+ Image URL Column: A logo or storefront photo for each of your locations. 
+ Email Address Column: The email address associated with the manager or main contact at each of your locations.

Importing Images To Popups:

When you create your map, you have the option of including images within your map marker popup bubbles. In order to include images, you will need to take the following steps:

Step 1: Upload your images to a free image uploader site like that can provide you with an associated image URL.

Step 2: Create a new column in your spreadsheet and paste the location-specific image URLs into the new column.  You will need to add .png to the end of the image URL in order for Maptive to translate it into a picture for your marker popup.

Step 3: When you upload your data spreadsheet to Maptive, match the column you created in your spreadsheet with the Image URL Column Category. 

If you've successfully completed the steps outlined above, your images will populate in your marker popup info bubbles, as illustrated in this example:

Hiding Data on Shared Maps:

If you want to share your map with others, you can choose to hide certain data in your marker popup info bubble by taking the following steps:

Step 1: Open map settings. 

Step 2: Open the Shared/Presentations Maps dropdown section. 

Step 3: Find the Show/Hide Data on Marker and click the Open button. 

Step 4: Select which information you would like to display on your map and click save.

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