Data that can be mapped

What data do I need to make a map?

Street address, city state, postal codes. Postal codes can be mapped by themselves. City + State can be mapped by itself. Location data can be broken out into separate tables or in the single line format with commas.

Do you have a template I can refer to?

Yes! Our spreadsheet template is a helpful example of how to format your spreadsheet, linking to websites, showing images/logos, and how to group location types.

Can I reverse geocode using my own latitude and longitude coordinates?

Yes! Simply paste your latitude and longitude data as two separate columns into Maptive. Match up your lat/long columns with the drop-down selector and Maptive will quickly plot your data to a Google-powered map - approximately 10X faster than mapping other location data that first needs to be geocoded.

Can I just get the geocodes (lat/longs)?

Not at this time as Google's licensing prohibits the viewing or exporting of geocodes to external applications.

Can I map GPS coordinates?

GPS values must first be converted to latitude and longitude coordinates.

What is geocoding?

Geocoding is the process of converting an address into geographic coordinates (geocodes). For example:

  • 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA > latitude 37.423021 / longitude -122.083739

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