What should my data set look like?

Here is a visual example of what a typical data set might look like. Below the visual, we will describe the data set in further detail:

In the example above, the columns are categorized as listed below (from left to right): 

Column 1: Address

Column 2: City

Column 3: State

Column 4: Zipcode

Column 5: Location name

Column 6: Phone number

Column 7: Group Designation

Column 8: Logo (or store photo)

Column 9: Website URL

Column 10: Email

Column 11: Date

Column 12: Filter Number

Column 13: Attributes

Column 14: Background Accuracy 

Note: In order to successfully use Maptive, it's recommended that you at least provide data for the columns in bold (see above). All other columns in this example provided include additional information and data relevant to each location—this level of detail will allow you to really get the most out of the tool and all of the features offered. 

For Maptive to be able to match up your data correctly when you upload/import your spreadsheet, It's essential that you structure your data in a similar way as shown above. 

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