Sales FAQ

Can I pay and start mapping now?

Yes, visit our pricing page to get started.

Can I try your software?

Give Maptive Plus a free 10-day trial run with no commitments or start with Maptive Free.

What are the trial limitations?

Click here for the trial limits and terms.

Are these Google based maps?

Yes! We’ve built our software on top of Google’s mapping platform in order to give our users the benefit of Google's global coverage, mapping accuracy, and many well loved features such as street view and advanced searching.

Do you offer non-profit or education discounts?

Yes! ‘Do-gooders’ of any sort (non-profits, social charities, schools, students, NGOs, open-source contributors, you get the idea!) can purchase Maptive Plus at a 30% discount. Just include a short blurb about how our service would benefit you when signing up.

How many locations can I map?

Maptive Plus can map up to 100,000 locations per map. Note that map performance visibly declines after 75,000 addresses, depending on the accompanying data included. Maptive Free can map up to 250 locations per map.

How many maps are included and what are 'reusable' maps?

Maptive Plus Individual Licenses comes with 40 'reusable' or recyclable maps which means that you can write over the old data with new data and create a new map but will delete the previous map in the process. Maptive Team License comes with 100 'reusable' or recyclable map shared between the 5 licenses that are included in the Team License. Maptive Free comes with 5 'reusable' maps.

Keep in mind, each map has its own unique URL and can be managed, updated, and published independently.

If you need additional maps, please contact us for more information and pricing.

How many users are included with a subscription?

We currently offer a 1-year subscription that includes 40 maps and one user account. You can share this account with admins at your own discretion or separate user login accounts can be purchased at a discount.  We also offer a team pricing structure for 5 users.  We can also add additional maps to any of your accounts at a discount.  Send us an email and we can talk about it.

What countries can I map in?

We're mapping in over 214 countries! Maptive is powered by Google's enterprise level mapping technology so our customers can expect global coverage, world class tools, and unmatched performance. Refer to Google's country list for a complete list of countries and coverage types.

What is a map view?

A map view is similar to a page view or page hit. One map view is counted for each visitor that opens your map and interacts with it by searching, zooming and panning.

Do your maps include ads?

None whatsoever! :)

More questions? See our Product FAQ.

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