How to Use The Drive Time Polygon Tool

Maptive’s Distance Radius / Drive Time Polygon Tool allows you to draw a drive time polygon by hours and minutes from any location, whether on your map or an address you enter into the tool, in order to quickly determine the distance that can be traveled in the time frame you indicated. The tool bases the distance on average speed limits in ideal conditions. 

To use the drive time polygon section of the tool, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click to open the map you want to edit from the list that appears in your account home screen. 

Step 2: Open Map Tools.

Step 3: Switch to the Drive Time Polygon option.

Step 4: Add your starting location. 

Step 5: Add your travel time and customize your proximity color. 

Step 6: Click Add Drive Time Polygon.

You can also customize the proximity radius info popup. Just click anywhere within the circle to view the popup, then click Customize Popup. Alternatively, you can customize the popup by clicking the Popup Settings OPEN button in in the tool window:

To hide proximity labels, simply check the box in the Proximity Tool window:

If you'd like to learn how to use Distance Radius tool, click here.

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