How to Use the Lasso Tool

You can use the Lasso Tool in Maptive to export marker information from withing the polygon you draw. To Optimize Route; Delete All Markers; Edit Data as Group (batch); or Export Contained Geographic Boundaries. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Engage the Lasso Tool by clicking the lasso icon on the right side of your map.

Step 2: As soon you click the lasso icon, you'll notice that it will become highlighted in blue. This means you can begin drawing your lasso. Before you begin, make sure all of your locations are within view on your map. To begin, click near a location on your map, then move your cursor to another area on your map and click again. Your lasso will begin to appear. Continue clicking your cursor until you have closed your circle by clicking back on your initial lasso point. Once you have closed your circle a popup window will appear.