Labeling Your Markers

In Maptive, there are three different ways to add labels to your markers. Marker labels allow you to add additional visualized information to the locations plotted on your map. The following information will illustrate how to add the different marker labels to your map.

How to Select a Column of Your Data to Use as the Hover Label

In order to use a specific column of your data as the label/title, you'll need to open the "match up your data" popup. You can do this two different ways:

Step 1a: Click on an individual location on your map, then click on the match up data option:

Step 1b: Alternatively, you can access the match data popup by clicking into the data tab and selecting the "match up my data" option:

Both options will open the match data popup, as shown below:

Step 2: Once you have the popup window open, scroll to the "Setup the Info Popup on your Map" section and pick the column you would like to match up with Location Name / Title. 

The data in the column you choose will display as your label. For example, if you choose Name, your location label might look like this when you hover:

How to Add a Label to an Individual Marker

Step 1: Click on the location you would like to add your label to. The info popup will appear.

Step 2: Select Edit marker from the list of options.

Step 3: Click the dropdown menu for Add Marker Label (Optional):

Step 4: Type your desired label name in the box and click the Add Label+ button. Then click Save.

Your new label will appear above the individual location you edited, as shown below:

How to Add Labels to all Markers

Step 1: Open Map Settings.

Step 2: Click to Expand the Map Markers / Graphics options:

Step 3: Toggle one of the 3 options below to the On position. 

1) Will add labels within the markers from your data. This choice will change the marker from the one you may have chosen to a basic square marker that stretches out rectangularly depending on the data within it.  

2) Will number your markers based on the order they appear in the data set. This choice will also change the markers from the one you may have chosen to a basic square marker that stretches out rectangularly depending on the data within it. 

3) This choice will show labels above your markers from data. This will leave the marker as you've chosen it and the label will be above it. Much like when you hover over your markers, except it will show over every marker at once.

How to Use the Drawing Tool to Add a Label

You can also create labels for your markers using the Drawing Tool. Here's how:

Step 1: Open the Map Tools.

Step 2: Select the Drawing Tool.

Step 3: Select the Label maker.

Step 4: Zoom into your location as close as possible and click to add your label. 

Step 5: Customize your label. You can add your own text, change the font size, dot size, dot color, background color, and font color. 

Step 6: Click Save. 

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