Saving Your Map States / Scenarios

This article will teach you about the Current Map States feature in Maptive. Read through the sections below to learn more:

What is a Snapshot?

In Maptive, a map state is an easy way to pull up a very specific section of your map. It's helpful when you need to refer back to a group of locations or a section of your map on a regular basis, and when you want to present specific information to others. 

How To Save a Snapshot

Step 1: To save a map state, first make sure your map is zoomed in on the appropriate information. Then, look for the Save icon in the column on the left hand side of your map:

Step 2: Click on the Save icon. The following window will appear:

Step 3: Give your map state a name and a short description, then click the 'Save Current Map State' button.

Your map state will then save and will appear in the list on your homepage:

How To Access Your Map States

After you sign in, you will be able to view the page that lists all of your previously created maps and map states. You can also view and access map states that you've created by clicking the map icon in the upper right corner:

How To Edit Your Map States

To edit your map states, click into it from your homepage. You will then be able to update the title, description or zoom level of your map state. To finalize your edits, click the Save button. 

How To Hide Map States From Presentation Mode

To hide map states from maps in presentation mode, just uncheck the presentation on/off box seen below:

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