Clustering / Uncluster Your Dense Markers

Clustering / Uncluster Your Dense Markers Tutorial:

To learn how to cluster/uncluster your dense markers including your high density markers (up to our maximum map size of 100,000 markers), follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Open the 'Map Settings' window by clicking on the gear wheel icon located in the upper left hand corner of your map:

Step 2: Look for and open the Map Markers/Graphics options drop down

Step 3a: Toggle the 'Uncluster Below 2000 Markers' option to the "off" position. To cluster markers below 2000.

Step 3b: For High Volume Maps up to 100,000 markers you can now uncluster as well. Simply turn on the High Volume Marker Display toggle. Step 3c: Toggle the 'Cluster w/Pie Charts' option to the "on" position.

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