How to Use the Territory Tool

The territory tool allows you to draw polygon shapes on your map to represent territories.  Then you can customize metrics which will show you what is happening inside each territory (number of locations, total sales, etc). You can create territory groups that each contain one or more individual territories. Just follow the steps in this tutorial to create territories and use the territory tool.

Step 1: Click into Map Tools.

Step 2: Click on the Territory Tool. 

Step 3: Select if you want to create a new territory group or load an existing territory group.  Existing territory groups can be used on any map in your account and they can be totally different data sets.

If you choose to create a new territory group then enter a name for your territory group in the blank field and click "Add Territory Group".  If you want to open an existing territory group then select it from the drop down and click "Open Territory Group".

Step 4: Next you will be prompted to setup/customize your territory group popups.  Each territory has a popup that will display summary information about that territory (Name, Number of Locations in Territory, etc). This step will allow you to customize the summary information you see on the popup.  For each column of data you can sum, find the average, display the highest/lowest value and count groups within each territory.  For example, if you want to know the total sales in each of your territories, this is where you would set that up.

Step 5: You will see the territory group added to the tool menu.  Next, click the "Add Territory" button to start drawing territories.

Step 6: You will be prompted to name your territory and customize the color, opacity and boarder size.  When you're done click the "Start Drawing" button.  

Step 7: At this point you can start to draw on the map. You can draw any shape you want with as many sides as you want.  The territory will be completed and colored in when you close the shape by connecting the last line back to your starting point. You will see the territory shaded to the color you selected when you complete your territory. You will also see the territory added under the territory group on the tool menu.

If you want to add another territory just repeat the process and you will see it added to the tool menu. 

Lastly, all of the features of the territory tool are defined and listed below.

  • 1.) Delete Territory Group:  This button will permanently delete any of your territory groups. This deleted the territory on all maps, not just the one you're working on.
  • 2.) Territory Group Popup Settings: This button will allow you to modify and customize the popup summary data displayed above each territory.
  • 3.) Territory Settings: This button will allow you to change the name and customize the shading color and boarder or each territory. This changes on all maps using the same territory.
  • 4.) Close Territory Group: This will remove the territory group from the tools menu and the map. This territory will still be available to load later on any map.
  • 5.) Zoom to Territory:  This button will zoom to the specific territory.
  • 6.) Export Data in Territory:  This button will export the data located in each territory to an Excel, CSV or TSV file.
  • 7.) Lock Territories on Map:  This switch will lock the territories on your map so they get display automatically each time you open your map.
  • 8.) Delete Territory:  This button will permanently delete an individual territory. This will delete the territory on all maps.
  • 9.)  Modify Territory Shape:  This button will let you modify the shape of your territory. Modifying the territory shape on one map, will also modify it on any other map that territory is being used on.
  • 10.) Get Routing/Directions: This button will allow you to build a route and get directions between the locations in your territory.

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