How to Use the Route Optimization / Directions Tool

Route Optimization / Directions Tool Tutorial:

Getting a single set of directions to a location or up to 73 different locations on your map using the Directions/Route Optimization tool. Multiple sets of directions on a single map now supported. Just follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Click into one of your maps from the homepage. 

Step 2: Find the location you would like directions for and click on it so that the map marker popup box appears. 

Step 3: Click on the 'Directions' icon located at the bottom left-hand side underneath "Edit Marker." See item 1 in the example below.  

Step 4: Enter your starting address, or just allow Maptive to use your current location. See item 2 in the example above.  

Step 5: Click get directions and wait for the route to appear. See item 3 in the example above.  

Optional Step 6: You can also choose to optimize your route. Do so by clicking 'Optimize Route' in the Directions Tool window. This will give you the most efficient route between multiple locations. See item 4 in the example above. 

You can also create an optimized route with multiple stops by simply adding another location to your directions via the map marker popup. Just find your new location that you want to add, click on it so the map marker popup displays, then click on 'Directions.' Your new location will be added as a new destination in the Directions Tool window. Once your new location is added, click 'Optimize Route' to see the most efficient way to travel. 

To activate “Directions Start at Marker” or “Show User Location by Default,” go into 'map settings' (1) and select 'other settings' (2) view additional options and add further customization to your map (3). 

To clear your directions, just click the x next to the word Clear right underneath the gray Optimize Route button seen in the visual below.

Note: you can also drag and drop the starting point and the ending point for routes, as shown below:

Note: you can also add multiple locations using the Lasso tool. To do this, simply use the Lasso Tool to select a group of locations. When you have successfully enclosed your lasso, the following window will appear where you will see the option to Optimize Route to all Locations that have been lassoed.