How to Use the Route Optimization / Directions Tool

Route Optimization / Directions Tool Tutorial:

Getting a single set of directions to a location or up to 73 different locations on your map using the Directions/Route Optimization tool. Multiple sets of directions on a single map now supported. Just follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Click into one of your maps from the homepage. 

Step 2: Click on the toolbox.

Step 3: Find the location you would like directions for and click on it so that the map marker popup box appears. 

Step 4: Click on the 'Directions' icon located in the bottom blue section of the marker popup.

See item 1 in the example below.  

Step 5: Enter your starting address, or just allow Maptive to use your current location. See item 2 in the example above.  

Step 6: Click get directions and wait for the route to appear. See item 3 in the example above.  

Optimized Routes:

Step 1: When creating a route with multiple stops you have the option of having that route optimized. You can lasso the locations you'd like to include in the route. See item 1 in the example below.

Lasso Step 1: To draw the polygon with your lasso you will click your mouse to start the line. Then let go of that click and move your mouse to draw a line, repeat until you close it. If you move your mouse and the map moves, you are still holding onto the clicked mouse button.

Step 2: Once your locations are in the routing tool you you will want to set your starting point and your end point, this will be the first stop and the last. You can drag locations in the list to those positions or choose a different location to start your route and one to end it.

Step 3: Click Optimize Route to optimize all the stops between your starting point and your final destination. See #1 in the screenshot below.

Route Settings:

You can change the settings for the routing tool to prevent it from adding your location as the starting point, as well as how the route appears in the tool. You can find the settings at the top of the tool, it is grey until you hover over it, then it will turn green. See #1 in the screenshot below

To remove a stop from your route you can click the X in each stop. See #2 in the above screenshot.

To clear the whole form (list of stops for the route) click Clear Form. See #3 in the above screenshot.

Creating multiple sets of directions on a single map is simple, just follow these steps.

Step 1: Once your first set of directions are on your map, clear the form. See item 3 in the example above.

Step 2: Choose your next set of markers you want to create a route with.

Step 3: When you create the second route the program will ask if you want to add another directions instance or replace existing directions. You will choose add another directions instance to keep the existing and create a new one on the map.

More possibilities:

You can choose the color of your route prior to creating the next route. See item 1 in the example below.

Or you can edit the name and color of a route by clicking on the pencil with each route. See #2 in the screenshot above.

Click Export to file to export a spreadsheet with the information from each stop in the route in route order. See #3 in the screenshot above. The export will include additional columns with the stop number, approximate driving distance and approximate travel time (based on speed limit, traffic and weather is not accounted for). If you're exporting more than one route you'll also have a route name column.

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