Matching Up Your Data

Matching Up Your Location Data and Customizing Your Map Popups Tutorial:

When you go through the steps to create your map with Maptive, you will be asked to verify that our program has matched the relevant location data columns in your data to the correct location category. This step is required for your data to map correctly on the map.  Your dataset MUST include header columns (such as Address, City, Zip code, Name, Phone Number, etc.) that tell Maptive what the data is in each of your columns. Our program will attempt to automatically match your data columns with the correct categories.  If our match process makes any errors or fails to match some of your columns, please do so manually with the drop down menus. 

Here's what the screen will look like when it's time to match your data:

To match your data, simply click on the empty windows and view the options listed in the drop down menu:

You also have the option to match up your data in order to customize your map marker popup. To do this, click the drop down arrow on the prompt screen that you see in step 2:

After you click on the drop down arrow, this is what you will see:

When you've confirmed that all your data is correctly matched the way you want it displayed then, click the Done button. 


If your data doesn't seem to be matching up or displaying correctly in your map, there are a few things you can and should do to troubleshoot:

Check your data to make sure it is in fact matched up correctly. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Click on the Data tab in the upper left hand corner. 

Step 2: Click on the 'Match My Data' icon in the column on the left hand side.

Step 3: Verify that your data is in fact matched up correctly. If you have duplicate location information in multiple columns or combine location data into the same column it can cause errors.

Simplify Your Data

If you're still having problems with your data, try simplifying it in your spreadsheet by including just the address, city, and zip code. You can always add more information later once your locations are displaying correctly. 

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