How to Use The Grouping Tool

Grouping Tool Tutorial:

The grouping tool allows you to group and display a column of your data so that each group shows up on the map with different color markers.  You can also group your data by numerical value ranges so that each range shows up with a different color and size marker.  Just follow these steps to use the tool:

Step 1: Open Map Tools.

Step 2: Open the Grouping Tool. 

Step 3: Select the column in your data set that you want to "group by" and display as different colored markers on the map.

If you want to group by numerical ranges for a column of your data that contains numbers, then just select that column with the "Group By" drop down.  The column will be automatically switched to number ranges if there are over 500 different numbers in your data.  If not, you will need to check the box that says "group using number ranges".

If you want to customize the specific ranges then open the "Set Number Ranges" option.  This will bring up a popup that let's you customize the ranges, select how many you want, choose different marker options and group by percentages or number ranges.

You can also choose to group by number and size. 

If you choose to group by number and size, you'll need to choose a text column to use as a sub-group:

In the visual below, the data is grouped by sales (main group) and city (subgroup):

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